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RSI Extreme Trading System
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RSI Extreme System is a price action trend-reversal system for intraday trading.
This system can also be applied to trading with binary options high/low.
The main feature of this system is to enter the market, on the extreme highs of the indicators in use: RSI, TMA Bands and Zee Zee I.
Time Frame 5min 15 min o 30 min.
Financial markets: any.
Expiry time for binary options (4- 6 candles).
time frame 5 min expiry time 6-8 candles,
time frame 15 min expiry time 5 candles,
time frame 30 min expiry time 4 candles.

Metatrader Indicators:
Zee Zee I. ( 34 period);
TMA Bands ( Upper and Lower);
RSI Extreme (setting time frame 5 min 21 period , time frame 15 min 14 period, time frame 30 min 11 period).
Remember to change the setting of RSI, when changes timeframe !!!
The default template is for 5 min.

Trading rules RSI Extreme System

The arrow buy of the RSI extreme in a lower bands, (the candle of the arrow must close or close touch after the black band).
The Zee Zee I is in oversold area with blue line.

The arrow sell of the RSI extreme in a upper bands, (the candle of the arrow must close or close touch after the black band).
The Zee Zee I is in overbougth area with red line.

Note only for 5 min time frame the price must close after the black band.
Exit position
Make profit at the middle band or with predefined profit target with ratio stop loss 1:13. Place initial stop loss 5 pips above/below the bands.
Expect a relationship win / loss> 62%.
In the pictures RSI Extreme System in action.

RSI Extreme System in action 5 min time frame




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