Problems after upgrading to 8.0.9
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Program starts were very slow before upgrading to 8.0.9 demo, but now windows were flashing, black windows, windows opening and closing randomly, CPU at 100%, until after 20min. freezing, over. Now NT does not start at all anymore, see screenshot attached, I use 3 monitors.

I just uninstalled 8.0.9 and tried to intall 8.0.8 again, but this does not work at all, so I uninstalled it and installed 8.0.9 again, same problem.

Please let me know, what to do?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Problems after upgrading to 8.0.9
« Ответ #1: 17 Апреля 2019, 01:07:01 »
i have the same problem with ninjatrader 8 and the update - i work 5 min with only 2 charts, when i open the third chart all is freezing.
i was in contact with ninjasupport full 3!!! month , they found the issue and now in the next update they will fix it.


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